Working Principle

The main structure of the fog cannon machine is composed of air duct, fan blade, deflector vane and motor, etc. The whole machine can be customized according to customer requirements. It mainly uses the principle of fan air delivery, uses a high-pressure pump to pump water out, and then atomizes the water through a high-pressure nozzle, and pushes the atomized particles to a long distance through the strong wind of the fan, and condenses into blocks with the dust particles in the air , so as to achieve the purpose of dust reduction.
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Product Center

Yugong's fog cannon products have a variety of installation methods to cope with different working conditions. Customers can choose.

Fixed Fog cannon Machine

The dust removal rate is as high as 96%, and the spray coverage is wide.
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  • Trailed Fog Cannon Machine
    Increased mobility, simple structure, suitable for various working conditions.
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  • Vehicle Fog Cannon Machine
    Flexible vehicle mobility, automatic control, high work efficiency.
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  • Semi-Automatic Fog Cannon Machine
    The running noise is low, and manual control is required to adjust the spray direction or pitch.
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  • Fully Automatic Fog Cannon Machine
    Long range, wide coverage, remote control to achieve pitch angle and left and right rotation.
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Product Details

The product design is novel, the craft is fine, the performance is stable, the quality is excellent.

One-stop Service

We have rich service experience, perfect service system, service spirit of excellence, scientific and reasonable management mode and professional after-sales team, which are the basis of our commitment to provide users with high-quality services.
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8 Years Fog Cannon Machine Manufacturer
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Application Field

We provide you with a good product portfolio and supporting services, construction solutions, and bring you a new profit model.
  • Dust Removal
  • Cool Down
  • Deodorizing
  • Disinfect
The remote sprayer can effectively suppress dust and dust, and prevent the appearance of smog, and can be used in places where the PM2.5 value exceeds the standard.
Playgrounds, warehouses and other places that need cooling. Using fine water mist particles to atomize and cool down, the effect is excellent.
The maximum range can reach 150 meters, and the water mist can eliminate unpleasant odors distributed in a wide range, which is an ideal choice for odor control.
Disinfect large areas. During operation, the disinfectant is mixed with water and sprayed from the nozzle at a long distance, which improves work efficiency.

About Us

Yugong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development manufacturer of air-driven fog cannons and multi-functional dust suppression and environmental protection equipment in China. The company focuses on developing and manufacturing higher-performance long-range dust suppression sprayers, providing a full range of water mist dust suppression and cooling solutions, and providing large-area spray dust suppression equipment for various fields. The company has 15 years of experience and exports its products to more than 40 countries and regions.
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